Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trullari Primitivo Del Tarantino (2007) Puglia

A very bad wine from I’m not really sure who. I did an internet search for the producer and importer and was led in circles; it seems no one wants to take credit (or blame) for this wine. Named for the mortar-less, conical-roofed houses of Puglia, the 2007 Trullari Primitivo is a thin, watery effort; not at all like the bold, spicy way Primitivo and its genetically identical cousin, the Zinfandel grape, is supposed to taste. It’s as if it was made in the same manner as Curly of The Three Stooges cooks chicken soup; by pouring hot water over a chicken and serving the run-off. ("How was your meal, sir?" "The soup was watery, the meat was tough, and the coffee tasted like mud." "I’m glad you enjoyed it, be sure to tell your friends.") Made from 90% Primitivo and 10 % Montepulciano. Aged in stainless steel - and tasted like it; literally.

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