Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mastri di San Basilio “Due Sicilie” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A benchmark EVOO from Mastri di San Basilio, 4th generation Sicilian producers of olive oil and almonds. Their "Due Sicilie" is a blend of Nocellara del Belice and Moresca olives. The Padova family uses certified organic agriculture methods, innovative tree pruning, and gentle, same-day, "continuous cycle" pressing to produce their product. The Padova’s are so "green" that they transform the olive pomace into a natural fertilizer and a green-energy fuel for domestic heating. They claim that their low oxidation processing results in a free oleic acidity level less than .2‰! Outrageous! The oil has a pronounced, rich, green, fruity flavor. Lux in a salad dressing, a topping on a slice of warm bread, or as a finish to grilled beef. A portion of the sale of each bottle supports the preservation of Sicilian arts and sites on the World Heritage List. Purchased at Whole Foods.

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