Monday, July 20, 2009

Abdul Mulls Offer From “The Italian Cellar”

David Sonenberg, manager for American Idol judge Paula Abdul, has reportedly confirmed that the former singer is mulling an offer to not return to Idol for a ninth season and instead write for an obscure, little-known Italian wine blog.

“The near total anonymity gained by writing for The Italian Cellar would be a refreshing change of pace from the pressure and crush of publicity associated with American Idol.” Abdul said “It’s read by practically no one.”

Reports state that Abdul would be a perfect fit for The Italian Cellar, as her affinity for Italian wine is well known. “I enjoy the grippy tannins of a properly aged Barbaresco as a counterpoint to the truffle-like essence of a handful of large animal tranquilizers or the vibrant acidity of a Tocai Friulano when paired with anything by GlaxoSmithKline.” Abdul said.

News of this possible career change for Abdul apparently has Idol officials reeling, as they would not return any requests for comment.

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