Sunday, March 29, 2009

Frecciarossa “Sillery” (2007) Oltrepò Pavese; Lombardy

An unusual and delicious Italian wine from Frecciarossa, a family run winery that has been in the game since the early years of the nineteeth century. The estate encompasses some 35 hectares in the town of Frecciarossa in the Municipality of Casteggio where the Odero family organically grow Riesling Renano, Pinot Nero, Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara and Merlot. The 2007 "Sillery" is a complete delight. The wine is 100% Pinot Nero, gently harvested by hand in small crates and vinified as a white wine by soft pressing to avoid color extraction. As a result, the wine is nearly clear. The nose, however, is fruity, richly intense, and long lasting with hints of white flowers and citrus. Well balanced acidity. A very elegant wine.

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Yira said...

Great blog. As a wine novice I have a lot to learn about wine. This particular wine sounds just so refreshing the way it is described. Thanks for all the great information.