Friday, March 6, 2009

A Difficult Italian Wine Pairing; White Castle's Chicken Italiano Sandwich

"For a limited time only" Few words strike fear into the heart of a gourmand like "for a limited time only." Such as it was in late spring of 2008. The White Castle Chicken Italiano; nearly 4 square inches of Jersey Shore Italiano goodness. A breaded, deep-fried, chicken-like part, a slice of garlic flavored mozzarella cheese food, a slathering of an oddly sweet marinara-like sauce, all lovingly nestled between two halves of a soft, white bread bun. Delicious surely with your favorite soft drink; or better yet, piping hot coffee; but with Italian wine, something heaven sent. The question is, which wine? Tocai Friulano? Valpolicella? Chianti Classico? Since enjoying wine with any White Castle product involves taking your meal home, the wine pairing is made even more difficult. Time is not the friend of White Castle. On the drive home, the sparkle of deep frying and steam grilling fade into sogginess and coagulation. I found in that sweet "limited time only" of late spring 2008, textbook Italian wine pairings got thrown out the window. Wine, period; and in great quantity, was the perfect pairing.

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