Monday, July 19, 2010

Taurino Notarpanaro (2004) Puglia

A spicy Italian red wine from Taurino, one of the first producers to bottle and sell wines from Puglia in the international marketplace. Before Taurino, wines from the south of Italy were primarily sold in bulk or used in blends to strengthen better known wines from northern Italy and France. The 2004 Notarparnaro is a blend of 85% Negroamaro and 15% Malvasia Nera. Dark, inky red in color. Rich, full nose of fruit and spice. Peppery fininsh. Aged for 36 months (six of which in a blend of Allier, Nevers, and Troncais oak). Bottle aged for an additional three years prior to release.


fabio said...

Hi, I live in the same city of Taurino Winery, did you taste Patriglione bottle?

jpk said...

Unfortunately, no. I can't find it here in Chicago.