Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tenuta Rapitala Piano Maltese (2006) Sicilia

A unique Sicilian white from Tenuta Rapitala, a seventy acre winery located in Camporeale, a commune about 20 miles southwest of Palermo; 'nuff said. Made from 50% Grillo, 50% Catarratto (grapes I never heard of previously) which are picked and vinified separately as they ripen at different times; the Grillo in mid August, and the Catarratto (which are grown at higher altitudes) towards the end of September. The name of the winery comes from the Arabic Rabidh-Allah “river of Allah” for the stream which flows through the vineyards; 'nuff said. Bright yellow color. Summer fruit nose. Seafood friendly acidity. A wine worth seeking out. Inexpensive.

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