Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael Phelps; Role Model, Olympic Gold Medalist, Pot-Head, Italian Wine Lover

In a continuing series of celebrity and political interviews that puts TMZ to shame; the Italian Cellar has obtained an exclusive interview with joker, smoker, and midnight swimmer Michael Phelps.

The Italian Cellar: Michael, thanks for taking time out of your "busy" schedule to chat with us.

Michael Phelps: Dude…..no problem.

TIC: A lot has been written about your extreme training and eating regiment during the Olympics. We also heard Italian wine played a big role.

MP: Dude….training gives me the most intense munchies…..and after snarfing some Doritos and pudding, nothing quenches the thirst like a bottle of Puglian-Wowie, a delicious blend of Primitivo and Cannabis.

TIC: We’ve heard you’re being considered for a role in "Dude, Where’s my Car II".

MP: Very possible dude, very possible.

TIC: A couple of quick questions; ready? Favorite actor?

MP: Humphrey Bogart.

TIC: Favorite candy?

MP: Mary Jane’s.

TIC: Any comment on your Saturday Night Live performance?

MP: As I said in my recent statement, I apologize for my bad judgment.

TIC: Michael, thanks for your time.

MP: Dude…..

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hrhacissej said...

Charlie Rose better watch his back...your interviewing skills are awesome!